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a or b, ink on paper, 2010


Doctor or Professor Sexy Shy Girl Boy Hula-hoop Mather Father Man Woman Cowboy Indian Morning Evening Black White Smart Strong Mother Daughter Rich Poor Yesterday Today Shopping Recycling Pena Mop Beautiful Smart

When I drew the first drawing of the ink drawing series, "The Gentleman With A Briefcase", I faced a dilemma. I could not decide whether the depicted man was a doctor or a professor. I often don't know myself whether I am a or b. Sometimes I am more one and at other times more the other. I used this incertitude as my point of departure and a whole bunch of such undecided and equivocal drawings, looking for their counterparts, came into being.




a + b, ink on paper, 2010


Lady Smoking The Nymph after Cranach I Always Get What I Want Boy with Airplane Girlfriends from Susak Eating Sandwiches A Hug Come Away With Me A Kiss Father and Son Mother and Daughter The Dog Father and Son The Cat Friends In front of the Mirror Walking the Dog The Jumping Couple Girl Lying (a+b) Old Friends Couple on A Motorbike Another Cat Four Friends On the Boat Couple Walking Two Friends Smoking Two Friends Drinking Coke Young Girlfriends You Are Driving Me Crazy In Front of the Cake Grandfather on the Bike Couple Walking the Dog

If a thing can be two things, then two can become one again. In my opinion, it's not all that great to be alone. So in the complex a + b I also drew individuals together with other people, in pairs, threesomes, foursomes and also a dog and a cat.